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UNIN - Utah Nursing Informatics Network

UNIN was formed in 1996 to provide a network for healthcare informaticists in Utah and the Intermountain area.  Membership is open to all who have interest in the field of healthcare informatics.  Our membership represents many area health care institutions, universities, and businesses.

UNIN Goals

1. Continue to support/encourage member publications.

  • Increase visibility of publications and presentations among the group
  • Showcase member publications at meetings and in newsletter

2. Communications                                                                                                                    

  • Newsletter
  • Share announcements from AMIA, HIMSS.
  • Distribute calls for abstracts, dates for meetings, and similar announcements

3. Membership participation

  • Increase awareness among students and new employees
  • Reach outside of our current membership with communications
  • Explore funding options that will support broader participation

2020-2021 Board of Directors




Kathy Sward

President-Elect/ Nominating Committee Chair 


Brent Hill

Director at Large 


Teresa Conway

Director at Large


Ann Lyons



Nancy Brazelton



Jia-Wen Guo

ANI Representative


Laura Heermann-Langford

Nominating Committee


Catherine Staes


Utah Nursing Informatics Network By-Laws (Revised July 2009)
The name of this association shall be the Utah Nursing Informatics Network, hereinafter called UNIN.
The purpose of UNIN is to support and enhance the practice of nursing informatics in Utah through communication, education, and professional activities.
3.1              Qualifications for Membership
3.1.1        Membership shall consist of individuals interested in the field of nursing informatics. Membership requires a completed membership application form and timely remission of dues (see 3.2).
3.1.2        HONORARY memberships may be conferred by consensus of the Board of Directors upon individuals who have rendered distinguished service and leadership to UNIN or those who have made unique contributions to the field of informatics nursing.  Honorary members will not be required to pay dues.  Association members given honorary membership will retain all the privileges of membership.  Others given honorary membership may not have voting or office holding privileges but may serve on special committees.
3.1.3        Membership year shall be a period of 12 consecutive months, April 1 to March 30.
3.2              Dues
3.2.1        Dues or membership shall cover twelve consecutive months. The full amount of dues shall be payable at the time of application and by the member’s anniversary date each year thereafter.
3.2.2        The Board of Directors shall determine changes in the dues structure or rates.  No monies shall be refunded or additional monies collected when a change of dues category is made within a membership year, except for initial collection of dues by UNIN.
3.2.3        Non-payment of dues within 60 days after the due date shall result in forfeiture of all membership rights.  Membership reinstatement will occur upon payment of the annual dues for the year in which reinstatement is sought.
3.3              Transfer of Membership
3.3.1        Membership in UNIN shall not be transferable to another person.
3.4              Resignation
3.4.1        Any member may resign at any time, with no refund of dues, by so stating in writing to the UNIN Board of Directors.
3.5              Revocation of Membership
The Board of Directors may suspend or expel any member for just cause, at any time, after giving such member the opportunity to have a fair hearing before the Board of Directors.  Any member suspended or expelled may be reinstated by the affirmative vote of a majority of the Board of Directors present and voting.
4.1              Governance
This organization shall be vested in the Board of Directors, seven in number, to consist of President, President-Elect or Immediate Past President, ANI representative, Secretary, Treasurer, and minimum of two Directors at Large. In any given year there will be either President-Elect or Immediate Past President.
4.2              Terms of Office
4.2.1        President: 2 years  -  alternating years with ANI representative (
4.2.2        President-elect:  1 year – (
4.2.3        Past President:  1 year
4.2.4        Directors at Large:  2 years, alternating elections 1 per odd year and 1 per even year (In the initial election only, 2 directors will be elected, one director for a two year term, and one director for a one year term)
4.2.5        Secretary:  2 years – even years
4.2.6        Treasurer:  2 years – odd years
4.2.7        ANI representative: 2 years – alternating years with President (elected in even years 
4.3              Vacancies
4.3.1        The President shall have the authority to appoint any vacant position, with the exception of President-elect, with the affirmation of the Board of Directors
4.3.2        The President-elect must be elected by a majority vote of the membership. Should the President-elect become President, the position shall remain vacant until the next election.
4.3.3        An officer or director filling a vacancy shall serve for the remainder of the term of her/his predecessor and until a successor has been elected and qualified.
4.4              Executive committee of Board of Directors
4.4.1        There shall be an executive committee of the Board of Directors to consist of the President, President –Elect / Immediate Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer to carry on the affairs of UNIN between the Board of Directors meetings. 
4.4.2        Any actions of the Executive Committee are communicated to the Board of Directors at its next scheduled meeting and reflected in the minutes of the meeting.  The executive committee may be authorized by the Board of Directors to perform such duties as directed.
4.5              Accountability
4.5.1        Establish the vision, mission, and value statements of the organization.
4.5.2        Ensure effective organizational planning.
4.5.3        Manage resources effectively.
4.5.4        Determine, monitor, and strengthen programs and services.
4.5.5        Recruit and mentor new Board of Directors members and assess Board of Directors’ performance.
4.6              Meetings
4.6.1        The Board of Directors shall meet a minimum of two times per organizational year and shall be open to all members except when a closed session is deemed appropriate by the committee.
4.6.2        A quorum of the board shall consist of simple majority of Board of Directors.
4.6.3        A director shall automatically be removed from office if she/he is no longer a member of UNIN or if she/he becomes otherwise ineligible to serve as a director.
4.6.4        Any director who is absent from more than one meeting of the Board of Directors (annually) shall be automatically removed office, unless such director can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Board of Directors why such absence should be excused.
4.6.5        Any officer may be removed by the affirmative vote of a majority of the voting members whenever, in their judgment, the best interest of the organization would be served.
5.1              The officers of UNIN shall be President, President-elect/ Immediate Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
5.2              The officers of UNIN and the appointed committee chairpersons shall constitute the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee shall be responsible for conducting the business and management functions of UNIN and assisting the President as needed.
5.3              All members of the Executive Committee shall be members in good standing of UNIN.
5.4              Term of office shall be July 1 through June 30, except in the case of the first election. For the first election, term of office will begin upon announcement of election results. The term of office will include the time period between announcement of election results and July 1, and then continue until June 30.
5.5              No elected officer or appointed committee member shall receive any compensation for their services as such but may be reimbursed for their expenses.
5.6              President
The President shall:
5.6.1        Preside at membership meetings of UNIN.
5.6.2        Serve as chairperson of the Board of Directors and shall conduct meetings by a formal order of business.
5.6.3        Be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominations Committee.
5.6.4        Appoint committee chairpersons to be affirmed by the Board of Directors.
5.6.5        Deliver a report annually and perform all other duties of the office.
5.6.6        Appoint special committees or task forces as needed.
5.6.7        Serve as the official representative of UNIN.
5.6.8        Perform all other duties that usually pertain to the office of president.
5.7              President-elect/Immediate Past President
The President-elect or Immediate Past President shall:
5.7.1        Assume the duties of the President in any absence of the President.
5.7.2        Fill the office of President should that office become vacant, with the title of President, for the remainder of the Presidential term or until election of a new President.
5.7.3        Conduct annual review of Bylaws and make recommendations for changes.
5.7.4        President-elect shall succeed into the office of President at the end of the term of office.
5.7.5        Chair By-laws committee
5.7.6        Chair Nominating Committee
5.7.7        Acts as Parliamentarian
5.8              Secretary.
The Secretary shall:
5.8.1        Accurately record and transcribe the minutes for all Board of Directors and general assembly meetings of UNIN.
5.8.2        Report at meetings of UNIN all relevant information of the association.
5.8.3        Notify members of the times and places of UNIN meetings.
5.8.4        Prepare all correspondence of UNIN.
5.8.5        Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.
5.8.6        Maintain all official records and correspondences of the organization.
5.8.7        Creates back-up files of all official records/ correspondence and transfers those files to the treasurer on a semi-annual basis.
5.8.8        Secure back-up copies of financial records.
5.9              Treasurer
The Treasurer shall:
5.9.1        Receive and deposit all funds of the organization in a bank designated by the Board of Directors.
5.9.2        Be responsible for all funds of UNIN and all disbursements, subject to the authorization of the Board of Directors.
5.9.3        Withdraw funds from designated depositories only upon the joint signatures of the Treasurer and the President or President-elect.
5.9.4        Maintain the financial records of UNIN.
5.9.5        Report the organization’s financial status at each Board of Directors meeting. Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.
5.9.6        Act as a liaison with the financial advisor.
5.9.7        Creates back-up files of financial records and transfers those files to the secretary on a semi-annual basis.
5.10          ANI Representative
The ANI Representative shall:
5.10.1    Represent UNIN at Alliance for Nursing Informatics (ANI) meetings, in collaboration with the UNIN President
5.10.2    Serve as a member of the Board of Directors
6.1              Nominations
6.1.1        There shall be a Nominations Committee, consisting of two (2) members of UNIN, elected by the UNIN membership at the time of general elections, and the Immediate Past President. The Nominations Committee shall prepare a slate of candidates for the open offices, after determining willingness to serve.
6.1.2        Nominations Committee members may not run for elected office unless they first resign from the committee.
6.2              Elections
6.2.1        Elections may be conducted by U.S. mail, with a ballot mailed to each member at least 14 days prior to the election. It may also be conducted via e-mail or web-based voting system available to members for at least fourteen days.
6.3              Voting
6.3.1        Each member of UNIN shall be entitled to one vote.
6.3.2        The Nominations Committee shall be responsible to count the ballots.
6.3.3        Election shall be determined by a majority vote of the responding members.
6.3.4        In the event of a tie, the Nominations Committee shall cast the deciding vote.
7.1              Standing Committees
7.1.1        All members of standing committees shall be members in good standing of UNIN.
7.1.2        All standing committee chairpersons, with the exception of the Nominations Committee shall be appointed by the President and affirmed by the Board of Directors for a minimum of one (1) year term.
7.1.3        Committee chairpersons or their designee shall submit an annual report to the Board of Directors.
7.1.4        Committee members shall serve for a minimum of a one (1) year term. 
7.1.5        UNIN may have, but shall not be limited to the following standing committees: Membership, Newsletter, Nominations, Education.
7.1.6        If a chair becomes vacant it may be filled through appointment by the President for the remainder of the term.
7.2              The Board of Directors may establish ad hoc committees. The Board of Directors has the authority to advice and consent to all committee functions with the exception of the Nominations Committee.
7.3              Membership Committee.
The Membership Committee shall 
7.3.1        Disseminate information about UNIN to the nursing community.
7.3.2        Update and assure dissemination of a new member packet.
7.3.3        Establish annual objectives for the recruitment of new members.
7.3.4        Recommend and implement strategies for the recruitment of new members.
7.3.5        Recommend and implement strategies for the retention of members.
7.3.6        Maintain a database of current membership, to include (minimally): name, mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number.
7.4             Education Committee shall:
7.4.1        Assist in the development and oversight of UNIN’s educational programming and projects.
7.4.2        The specific duties of this committee shall be established by the Board of Directors based on the goals and objectives of a UNIN strategic plan.
7.5              Newsletter Committee
7.5.1        Publish an organizational newsletter at least four (4) times a year.
7.5.2        Solicit and publish articles of interest to the members.
7.5.3        Solicit and coordinate advertising for the newsletter.
7.5.4        Provide oversight for maintenance and upgrade of the organization’s website.
8.1              Annual
8.1.1        The Board of Directors shall conduct a minimum of two membership meetings per year. Members will be notified of meetings at least 10 days in advance.
8.2              Special
8.2.1        Special meetings may be called by the President, the Board of Directors, or upon written request of at least 10 voting members.
8.3              Electronic
8.3.1        Business requiring action by the Board of Directors may be conducted via electronic mail or other media.
8.4              Quorum
8.4.1        A quorum shall consist of a simple majority.
8.5              Meeting governance
8.5.1        The current issue of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the meetings of UNIN unless otherwise specified.
The rules contained in “Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised” shall govern UNIN in all cases not covered by these bylaws.
10.1          The Board of Directors shall conduct a review of UNIN bylaws at least every three years and make recommendations for changes. 
10.2          Previous Notice
10.2.1    Proposed changes to the bylaws, after review and recommendation by the
Board of Directors shall be distributed to the UNIN membership at least 30 days prior to being voted upon. Changes must be approved by a simple majority of votes.
In the event that UNIN dissolves or merges with another group, the entire membership shall be notified at least one month prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting, at which time a two thirds (2/3rds) majority vote of the responding membership shall be required to accept the proposed merger or dissolution.  The Executive Committee shall dispose of all funds and property of UNIN to another nursing organization as determined by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.  No distribution shall be made to any organization not then covered by Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Service Code of 1954 or the corresponding provisions of any future federal or applicable tax law.
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President Elect Karen Ameloot -- Lory Maddox --  Lory Maddox
President Nancy Brazelton Karen Ameloot Karen Ameloot Lory Maddox Mollie Cummins
Past President Kathy Sward Nancy Brazelton n/a Karen Ameloot Lory Maddox
ANI Rep Holly Miller Holly Miller Holly Miller Nancy Staggers  Nancy Staggers
Secretary Lory Maddox Lory Maddox Nancy Brazelton  Nancy Brazelton Nancy Brazelton
Treasurer Sasha Wycoff  Sasha Wycoff Sasha Wycoff Jia-Wen Guo  Jia-Wen Guo
Board of Director   Tamara Schwarting  Tamara Schwarting Ann Lyons  Karen Ameloot
Board of Director Jon Carver Jon Carver Mollie Cummins  Mollie Cummins Julie Martinez
Nominating Committee Cyndalynn Tilley Kathy SwardMaureen ClancyDeb Larsen    Lory Maddox2 vacant  Ann Lyons



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Past President n/a Mollie Cummins n/a Ann Lyons n/a
ANI Rep Kathy Repko  Kathy Repko KathyRepko  Election  
Secretary  Nancy Brazelton Nancy Brazelton  Nancy Brazelton Election  
Treasurer Jia-Wen Guo  Jia-Wen Guo Jia-Wen Guo  Jia-Wen Guo Election
Board of Director  Karen Ameloot Karen Ameloot Seraphine Kapsandoy  Seraphine Kapsandoy  
Board of Director Julie Martinez  Liz Hansen  Liz Hansen  Election  
Nominating Committee  Ann Lyons  n/a  Brent Hill